The Forks
Photo of Poplar Trees
The Forks of the North Saskatchewan River and the South Saskatchewan River are some 30 km east of Prince Albert off of Highway 302 east. The Forks offer a unique landscape and cultural significance where these two rivers become one. This site has a trail that takes you from the level agricultural plain to rugged river valley below. This is a fairly steep drop in elevation, which is a challenging walk down and a more challenging climb back up. The view of the North Saskatchewan River from a couple of points along the trail is quite spectacular. A monument at the top of the trail talks about some of the important aspects of this site to the fur trade. Fort a la Corne was built just below the forks and was the first trading post west of The Pas. This area was also the first place in Saskatchewan that grain was grown. Picnic and toilet facilities are available. The road into the parking lot is usually impassable in the winter or after a heavy rain.
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